Strathcona Manufacturing Inc (SMI) is located in Edmonton Alberta and started operations in 1993 In response to a need for a manufacturer of ASTM A193 Grade B7M and ASTM A320 grades L7M and L7 stud bolts . Since 1993, our manufacturing facilities have expanded from 5000 square feet to 15000 square feet and now include the manufacture of ASTM A193 Grades B16, B8,B8M stud bolts and IFI-115 - 12 Point Flange Screws (Ferry Head Cap Screws) - ASTM A320 Grade L7M. SMI also has an in house mechanical testing laboratory as well as multiple CNC lathes and CNC milling machines that allow us to manufacture custom fasteners and precision machined components for the oil and gas industry.

SMI carries steel inventory for stud bolt diameters ½” to 3” at all times and can store over 1 million pounds of cold drawn bar for stud bolt production. Our equipment allows us to produce several diameters of stud bolts simultaneously thereby helping meet demand on a timely basis. SMI uses custom software to organize and track orders ensuring traceability at all times.

SMI maintains an exclusive stud bolt supply contract with M&Z Industrial Supply - - allowing us to dedicate and organize production activities to M&Zs requirements only.

Our goal is to continually work towards improving product quality as well as the efficiency and flexibility of production processes to better meet changing demand requirements.

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