BANDSAW CUTTING - Kasto Twin A4 Bandsaws for High Production Cutting up to 10" Diameter.

CHAMFERING MACHINES - SCM3 - 3rd Generation custom built machines for stamping/marking and chamfering round bar from 3/8" diameter to 2" diameter and 1" long to 24" long. These machines are designed for mass production. Production rates of 3000 pieces per hour for 1/2" diameter steel roundbar.

STUD MASTER - Chamfering and marking machine for Large diameter roundbar up to 3" diameter.

THREAD ROLLING - Multiple Thread Rollers setup for continous operation. Diameter capacity of 1/2" to 3" and lengths up to 12 feet long.

MULTIAXIS CNC LATHE MACHINING - State of the art Multi axis CNC turning/milling machines with barfeeders. Can accomodate small and high volume runs of precision components of virtually any shape. Thread rolling and thread cutting available.

3 AND 4 AXIS CNC MILLING - A compliment to our CNC lineup - 4 axis CNC milling machines for small and high volume production runs.

PART MARKING - Low stress Dot peen marking machine for marking parts. 3 axis  marking for flat surfaces or 4th Rotary axis for marking cylindrical surfaces with parts numbers, heat codes, traceability numbers etc.

TENSILE TESTING - 60,000 lb Universal Testing Machine for Tensile Testing of Steel Bar. Ultimate Tensile Strength/Load, Yield Strength, Reduction of Area and Elongation Measurements.

CHARPY V-NOTCH IMPACT TESTING - 300 ft-pound (407 Joule) Charpy V-Notch Impact Tester. Test temperature range of Room Temperature (22°C/72°F to -101°C/-150°F).

HARDNESS TESTING - Multiple NIST traceable Rockwell hardness testers. Hardness test scales HRBW and HRC.


HEAT TREATING - Since 1993, Strathcona Manufacturing Inc. has used Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. for its Heat Treatment requirements. Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. provides services such as: Oil Quench and Temper in atmosphere controlled furnaces, Liquid Nitride, Gas Nitride and Carburizing. Thermex houses a Metallurgical Laboratory that performs microstructure analysis, decarburization monitoring and testing for our Stud Bolts as well as Case Depth Surveys and microhardness testing.

GRINDING/COATING/PLATIING - Strathcona Manufacturing maintains an Approved Vendor List for all outside services. We have contacts for surface grinding, OD and ID grinding, Cadmium Plating, Zinc Plating, Xylan Coating etc.

Strathcona Manufacturing Inc. has a long standing relationship with Thermex Metal Treating Ltd.

Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. is used exclusively for our stud bolt heat treatments.

Click the link to visit the Thermex Metal Treating Ltd. website:     


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